Dance 1 Dance 2


We have talked about taking Ballroom Dance lessons before….and since we obviously look so good doing it….why not this year?!


New Year


So….it is time to start coming up with our New Year Resolutions….

I don’t think we have actually ever come up with any and stuck with it….but this year may be different!

#1 – Exercise More – We have the outfits…we have the moves…..LETS DO IT!


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Time To Give Thanks – Poem By Scott

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Writings




So you have eleven toes

And feel like you’re a freak

You also have a forked tongue

And sound funny when you speak


Your sister isn’t just fat

She got knocked up two months ago

Be glad that’s all it is

And that she doesn’t have an extra toe


Your dad is spending most of his nights

Up in the county jail

OMG I just saw your sister

She does look like a freaking whale


At least that rash all over your body

Isn’t herpes or some other disease

You just look like you ate some honey

And pissed off all the bees


But even with all of that

It is time to give your thanks

For all the great things in your life

And that your sister doesn’t wear spanx

Christmas Card Ideas

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So….instead of the traditional Christmas cards this year…we have decided to make our own (or use Shutterfly) so that we can use some of our favorite pictures from the year we were married.

Coming up with the right pictures is kinda hard to do….especially when you have so many!!!

But I do think we have finally come up with three really good ones that will express our year perfectly!   We can’t wait to see how they turn out!!

(of course….I thought the above picture, which was taken after our wedding, was perfect after I fixed it)   LOL


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So how is married life??

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So…ever since René and I got married, people keep coming up to me asking how married life is.

Well…since we have been together for 10 years…not much has really changed.

But…I have started to notice that René is becoming a totally different person…not the one that I fell in love with and married.

Twice since we have been married…let me repeat that….TWICE…she has gone into my bathroom and put the toilet paper on so that it rolls from the bottom!  WTH???!!!

Now…her excuse was that I left the roll empty and that it was dark and she was barely awake when she was doing it.

There is no excuse for this sort of behavior!!

Then when I was discussing it with her the other night…she asked me which way was correct?!  Again…WTH?!?!?

It is not like I am making this stuff up!  SOCIETY has determined the proper way to put the toilet paper roll on…not me!!

So…I think I have her trained again….as I noticed this morning that she had turned it over the right way!  But I will keep you posted…in case you are wondering how the marriage is going in another month!