We are NOT hoarders!! Watch your language!

Posted: October 16, 2013 in Stories About Us





We all have some….

We all know we have a hard time getting rid of it….

We all know that it is becoming a problem….

And we all know that even when we get rid of it…more somehow appears….

Right now…René and I are working on sorting our stuff…throwing away some of our stuff….giving some of our stuff to Goodwill….and organizing the stuff that is left over.

This led me to question how and why we ended up with so much stuff??

  1. Because we can use it to make something else
  2. Because someone else didn’t want it…and we couldn’t let it just get thrown away
  3. Because we hate going to Garage Sales and NOT buying at least something
  4. Because it will look good in our house whenever we get one
  5. Because one might wear out and we will need another one
  6. Because it is so dirty, I can’t give it away and let someone see how poorly we clean our apartment
  7. Because the expiration date on it is more of a suggestion
  8. Because it has sentimental meaning
  9. Because someday we will wonder what we did with it, and tear up the house trying to find it
  10. Because no matter what…we aren’t like the people on the TV show Hoarders!

Sounds logical to me!?

Now…if I can just find someplace to put my 30 bundles of newspapers in the same room as my 2 dead goats hidden beneath the milk crates full of  baby food jars!!

  1. Queen Europa says:

    Can you say “denial?” LOL!

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