Painting is…..

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Stories About Us



So recently we decided that it if we were going to be stuck living in our apartment for a couple more years, that we should start making it more livable (this brilliant thought occurred to us after 8 years).  After the whole bed-bug experience (see previous blog) we were without a bed; so first order of business was to buy a new bed.  Well…mission accomplished!  We even got an adult bed with a headboard and shelves and everything!  (We are feeling so grown-up now)

But…before we get it moved in (as well as everything else we own that is still in storage) we decided that we should paint the walls of the bedroom.  Now…painting the walls for me is like a punishment that a parent would bestow on a child for killing their sibling; but I love René with all of my heart…and she wanted the walls a really pretty purple….so LOOK OUT WORLD….I PAINTED!

You may ask why I did the painting since I hate it so much?  Well…René did help quite a bit…but I am sort of a control freak with CDO…so I “needed” to be the one to do the painting.  After carefully taping all the trim, outlets, etc. with the magical blue paint tape (which I thought looked pretty with the white walls and wanted to leave it that way) we got busy painting.  It went pretty well all things considered (those things being that we almost ran out of paint, I ruined a perfectly good ripped up t-shirt, I swallowed paint (which I am sure isn’t healthy in those large of quantities), it got dark outside (and with that being the majority of my light source…I didn’t notice the spots I missed until the next day) and lastly….when the air started running…condensation formed on the vent and ran down the wall streaking the paint I had just so delicately applied.

Sooooo… is done now…and with the help of Casey….we got a really pretty wallpaper border applied and the room does look great!!  (Sort of classy even)

But….starting next week…René and I are going to start painting her craft room a really pretty mint green!  And like the great Kermit the Frog says….”It aint easy being green”!!  Wish me luck!

  1. Queen Europa says:

    Being an artist,I would have painted a mural on one wall or maybe all the walls.But then that takes a lot longer.

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