Driving Me Crazy

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Stories About Us

The Look


In every relationship….each person has certain responsibilities that they typically will always be in charge of…or take on the role of.

For example…René does the dishes…..so I do the laundry.  René does the dusting….so I do the vacuuming.  I collect the trash….René takes it to the dumpster.  And this works out well!

However….then there is the responsibility of driving!  This in itself is a whole different ball of wax!

Now…I am not against René driving!  In fact…I am all for it!  I enjoy being the passenger and quite honestly…I sleep very well in a car and enjoy the naps I can get in while she is cruising down the highway.

But….there are times that her driving freaks me the heck out!  I am not saying that I am a better driver than her….I just prefer to have the control of our fate when out on the road.  It’s a man thing.  And I am man enough to admit this!

And there are many instances that I could bring up right now as proof that I have every right to be scared for my life when she is driving….but I am only going to talk about last night.

As we were coming home from a nice dinner about an hour away from home….René was driving because I was full and miserable and didn’t feel like doing anything.

All of a sudden….I notice that on a very busy road….we are going through on a red light.   René starts waving at the cars that are trying to turn saying “sorry” as if they could hear her.  Horns started honking and I am sure that cuss words were being said (not by me….I was still too full).

I asked her what happened…and she said that the two cars in front of her went through…so she didn’t even think about it being red.  (kinda like that whole “if your friends jumped off a bridge would you do it to” sort of thing I guess)

Now…honestly….it doesn’t really bother me that she broke the law and pissed people off.  What I worry about are the accidents that happen every single day.  I love René and can’t picture my life without her.  I just worry a lot and don’t want anything to ever happen to her.  Or the car…it’s a really nice car!

  1. Queen Europa says:

    You worry too much…..you always have.Just be happy she doesn’t drive like me! I even get in accidents when I’m driving the disability cart around Walmart! LOL!

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