Bed Bugs Suck!

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Stories About Us



Ok…so last week we found out that we have bed-bugs in our apartment.  This is completely and totally NOT what we wanted to happen a month before our wedding.

It started awhile back when René would wake up with bug bites that really itched.  Since I was sleeping in the same bed…and not getting bit….we were thinking that it was probably spiders (mainly because although I hate spiders…they typically don’t bite me for some reason).  Plus…we get spiders a lot since there are woods right behind us.

However…a few weeks back…I started getting bit.  And well…let’s be honest….it was at that time that I decided it was time to have it checked out.  (Sorry René)

So…we contacted the apartment office and after the normal two to three week turn-around time that it takes them to do anything….they finally scheduled an inspector to come check out our apartment.

After the inspection…it was determined that they were in the building, and mainly in the baseboards.  Now…the people that had lived downstairs from us had bed bugs previously…but tried to take care of the problem themselves.  It was shortly after they told us that….that they disappeared never to be heard from again.  We are thinking that whatever they tried killed them…as they were a few fries short of a Happy Meal.  But whatever they did do….caused the bed bugs to migrate upward into our apartment.

So….now….we are in the process of preparing for the first of three treatments that will happen over the next 30 days.   And let me tell you….this process SUCKS!!

We have to pull all furniture away from the walls about 3 feet, empty all bookshelves and dressers, empty all closets, up-end our bed, remove all wall outlet plates, we can’t have anything on the floor so we are putting everything we own into tubs and taking them to our storage unit, any clothes/bedding/fabric items need to be run through the dryer on high heat and then put into tubs, and that is just part of what we have to do.  And to top it all off…we have all our wedding, reception and honeymoon stuff in our apartment right now getting it all ready.  AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

PLUS…..Since there are three treatments…all about 2 weeks apart….we have to leave everything this way until after the last treatment.

I normally can find humor in most everything….but there is NOTHING funny about bedbugs.  Nothing!

Ok…except for this joke…


Did you hear about the pregnant bedbug?

She gave birth in the spring.


Oh yea….and this is pretty cute!!


  1. Queen Europa says:

    I keep saying…..bugs are our enemies! They are EVIL!!! I found this big bug.Not sure what it was.It looked like a cross between a spider and a roach.I woke up and there it was sitting on top of my clock…..on my night stand……like it was saying,”Good morning!Time to get up!” So,I said,”Good Morning!Time to DIE!”Then I hit it with the fly swatter. Anywho…..beg bugs are hard to get rid of! Good luck with that!

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