Household Chores – Specifically – The Dishes

Posted: July 24, 2013 in Stories About Us




I am not opposed to doing the dishes….and honestly….when it comes to household chores, this is by far one of the easiest and most manly ones to do.  (cleaning the grill and washing the car….those are the girly ones in my opinion)

Anyway….back to the reason I am writing this.

We do have a bad habit of letting our dishes stack up.  They are rinsed off really well…but since we have a lot of dishes and utensils, we don’t really need them washed asap.   Therefore…when the dishes do need to be done….there are a lot of them and it takes awhile. Well…God Bless René!  She is always willing to take one for the team and do them for us when the time comes.  In exchange for this….I do the laundry (most of the time).

I am afraid however…that the day will come when René says it is about time for us to switch chores!  Doing the laundry is quick and easy and does not hinder my nap and twitter time.  If I have to start doing the dishes….I will have to buy some sort of mechanism that will hold me up at the sink in case I doze off and I will need to hook up my iPhone to some sort of electronic device that will scroll through my tweets and also have voice recognition software so that I can dictate new ones!

Honestly…if she thinks about it….and how much money this will end up costing us…I am hoping that she realizes we are much better off leaving well enough alone!!   Or…this could end up costing me a shoe and purse spending spree.  Either way…I am good!

  1. Queen Europa says:

    Just wash the dishes daily.I’m by myself,so unless I have company or cook a large meal,I just wash the dishes by hand……every day.

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