An “ER” State of Mind!!

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Stories About Us

So…for the past month or so, René and I have been watching the TV show ER on DVD.  We started with Season 1 and have worked our way to Season 6…enjoying every minute of it.  What is interesting is that we both remember watching ER when the episodes first aired, but there are so many of them that we do not remember ever seeing.  This is actually a good thing though, as it is like we are getting to experience them for the first time…again! 

The problem however, is that we are starting to get to the point where we have realized that we have watched maybe a little too much! 

For example, I needed René to come to the kitchen the other night, so I yelled “René…get in here…STAT!”

And then there was the evening when she accidently got a paper cut, and I was afraid that she was going to “Bleed Out”.

Even my Mom is experiencing our passion for the show.  She asked me the other day what I wanted for my 40th birthday (which is coming up soon) and I said, “I need a Chem 7, Blood Gasses, a CT and a Coag Panel!”  She just gave me a very concerned look and said, “How about a gift card?”

So…anyway…we have about 8 more seasons to watch and really looking forward to it.  It is something that we both really enjoy and something we always make sure we do together. 

Oh…and one last thing!!!

If I ever have an altered LOC and dying from a GSW or MVA…make sure they know I have a DNR because I would rather end up in the ETU than become a GORK!

  1. Queen Europa says:

    I’m like that with “LOST” There is a cable station that is showing ALL of the “LOST” episodes from beginning to end and I’m putting them all on my DVR.Although I’m not sure if I will have the room. 😦

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