And then it went dark…..

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Stories About Us

So…last evening around 6:30…Rene and I are sitting there in our apartment…watching an episode of ER from season 5…just enjoying ourselves…when we hear a transformer pop and everything goes dark.

Now…there are times when having no electricity can be a nice surprise…and even a little fun.  However…when you are trying to get over being sick for the past week and a half…and it is over 100 degrees outside…that “Fun Surprise” was nowhere to be found.

Ok…well it was found for about 10 minutes…but the rest of the time it sucked!!

In fact…there were times during the next 3 hours that I thought for sure we would die, only to be found when the stinch of our rotting corpses started to sweep through the neighborhood. 

It was miserable!

One of the things that was most irritating about the whole situation, is that I had called the “Emergency” maintenance line for the apartments to see if they were going to handle it or if I should call someone.  I, of course, had to leave a voice mail.  After an hour…I called back…left another voice mail…asking them to please call me no matter what so I knew what I should do. 

I never heard back.  Still haven’t. 

If it wasn’t for the fact that we were scared half to death when everything all of a sudden came back on…we might still not know.

But, everything ended up being ok.  Our food didn’t spoil…the candles we were burning didn’t burn the apartment down…the Boogey-man didn’t get us…and we didn’t die. 

So although it wasn’t a pleasant experience…it could have been worse!


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