That Dreaded Question…..

Posted: June 26, 2012 in Stories About Us

I have been with René now for almost a decade, and there is still that one question that makes me cringe every single time she asks it…

No…it isn’t “I hope its ok I used your tooth-brush to clean the toilet?”

And No….it isn’t “can you kill that spider for me?” (like that would ever happen!)

And No…it isn’t “have you ever thought about checking into Viagra?”

The question that I am talking about it is “What’s for Dinner??”

I seriously HATE deciding what’s for dinner.  It isn’t that I don’t like making decisions…as I do that all the time.  I just hate being the one responsible for everyone’s hunger fulfillment and satisfaction. 

I will eat anything.  Seriously…I have told Rene a million times that “if she fixes it…I will eat it.”  And this is true.  It could be Deep Fried Monkey Brains with a side of Tofu/Banana Pepper Casserole…and I would eat it.  The problem is that she is the same way.  If she was picky…it would make my life easier as I would know what I could and could not choose from when making the decision.  But as it is now…there are at least 1,568,492 choices!!!

And it isn’t just about deciding what to fix.  I don’t like picking what restaurant we are going to partake from either,   (whether it be eating there or carry-out).  I would probably be more apt to decide where we are going to eat if we were actually going out, but when it comes to picking up food…typically Rene will do this on her way home from work (since she gets off later than I do) and I don’t feel it is my place to decide where she should risk her life at going through a drive-thru. (Again…I hate drive-thrus…but this in itself is enough material for another blog someday) 

Lately, we have been making an agenda of what we were going to do the upcoming week to help us keep our lives a little more organized and productive.  Along with that…we are deciding what will be for dinner every day of the week.  This has been working for the most part, although we do falter every now and then and end up doing something different.


Making this agenda requires that we decide what is for dinner that evening…as well as every evening for the rest of the week.  That is A LOT of decision making.  Enough to make one go mad!!

I am getting better though….and I am trying to “Man Up” and do my duty when it comes to making these decisions…but let me just be clear…

I am NOT happy about it! 

Now…what’s for dinner???

  1. Sandy Glines says:

    I feel your pain! A billion years ago, I too did the plan-it-out-a-week before way… and I think it’s a great way to do it! Your blog makes me think I should try and do it again!

  2. Sandy – It does seem to work. Plus…it helps us budget our money for food. : )

  3. Queen Europa says:

    So Scott…what’s for dinner tonight? I’m having Ramen noodles with shrimp and Chinese veggies.

  4. I hate deciding what’s for dinner. It happens every day. LOL.

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