Starbucks Anonymous Needed

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Stories About Us

I am not a “true” coffee drinker.

This does not mean that I do not like coffee…I just choose to not drink it most of the time.

In fact, unless I am really cold, just starting my two plates of dessert at the Golden Corral or holding it for someone else, you probably won’t see a coffee cup in my hand.  And if I do happen to be drinking coffee…and it starts to cool off even just a little bit…then it is going down the drain.

Also….spending any sort of exorbitant amount of money on coffee, to me at least, seems idiotic.  I have been making fun of people that go on a regular basis to Starbucks now for…well…a really long time.

But then I was introduced to the Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino.

And now I am freaking addicted.

Rene has been a Starbucks fan for years now, and a pretty regular customer.  I think she got tired of me not going with her…or maybe she was just tired of me making fun of her for going, either way…she talked me into going.

Now…it seems like I am the one that suggests us stopping to get something most of the time.  And it has not stopped at the Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino…they also have something called a Cookie Crumble Frappuccino which is to die for!!!!   Next time…which will be soon…I am doing the Carmel Frappuccino.

I still have no idea how to order one though…as they don’t have normal sizes.  They need to have little cameras at the drive-thru so they can see me using my hands to indicate what size I want.  Maybe I will suggest that…as it beats going inside every time. 

What am I thinking???  I hate going through a drive-thru.  But that’s a blog for another day. 

For now…I am off to take out a loan so I can make my lunch time Starbucks run!!!

  1. Queen Europa says:

    I love coffee! It would be lots cheaper if you made your coffee at home.Kona coffee is sooo delicious! BUT,its very expensive.

  2. dankline2000 says:

    Well to honest I am no coffee drinker myself, guess it comes from always having to have my fathers cup full and always piping hot, i like the smell of coffee especially when it is brewing but have never had the taste for it. Maybe I will follow your example and try different flavors could be that I find myself at least a flavored coffee lover, and thanks for stopping by my blog, glad to see you.

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