Pillow Talk at Scott’s and René’s

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Stories About Us

The conversation in bed last night around 11:30 P.M.

Scott: I am really hungry for McDonalds Breakfast

Rene: Oh

Scott: Are you running to Krogers?

Rene: For what?

Scott: English muffins and sausage patties.

Rene: I think you have sausage patties in the freezer

Scott: Ok…then just English muffins

Scott: I know you love me and want to do this for me

Rene: I do love you

Scott:  Want me to move so you can get out of bed?

Rene: Hmmmm

Scott: Is that a no?

Rene: I can’t believe you want me to run out by myself this late at night

Scott: I will go with you

Rene: If you are going, then you can go by yourself

Scott: Have you met me?  I would be more at risk than you are

Rene: Ok

Scott: I’m not getting them, am I?

Rene: I love you

Scott: I love you too

  1. Grass Oil says:

    ha! that sounds like when my husband and i talk about the light that needs to be turned off in the hallway or that the cats need to be put in the basement. i say, “i’ll do it.” and he says, “no, i got it” and then i say, “OK.” and we both laugh. it’s like a rerun joke that’s been playing for almost 20 years. you guys are too funny.

  2. Queen Europa says:

    Did she at least sing you “Soft Kitty?” LMAO!

  3. Nope! You would have thought so though…since being hungry is sort of like being sick! : )

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