Soft Kitty….

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Stories About Us

Ok…so I have been known to be a whiny little baby when I don’t feel good.  And yes…I should just grow up and be a man.  However….

When you have someone in your life, who loves you and cares for you…and takes such good care of you when you are sick or just feeling down (like René does for me)….then why NOT take advantage of it???

The problem I have…is that I cant always distinguish between not feeling good…and just wanting to be babied a little.  Actually…I can distinguish it….I just choose not to sometimes.

And God bless René…she just plays along with me…and then goes out and plots my carefully crafted murder.  (which is something I am sure will happen someday…but I havent decided if I am going to tell you about it…or let her sink her own ship explaining why this could happen). 

But my most favorite thing that René does for me when I am sick (besides going out and getting me McDonalds breakfast) is sing “Soft Kitty” from the TV show “The Big Bang Theory” to me.   I would venture to say that since we have first seen it on that awesome episode seasons ago…she has sung it 10-75 times.  What is most adorable about it…is that she still has a hard time remembering the words.  She is getting better…but like Sheldon tells Penny…if you mess up…you have to start over. 

Now…if I can just get her to rub that “Vicks” on my chest…..

  1. I have taken to singing it to a timid stray cat who only eats when I stand behind the screen door and sing it to him/her.

  2. Jerry – That is awefully nice of you! You should somehow video yourself doing that and post it online! 🙂

  3. Queen Europa says:

    I love Sheldon! Best character on TV ever!!! You know your a crazy mess…right? But then I sing that song to myself when I need comforting.So,I guess that makes me an even crazier mess! And I’ve also come to the conclusion that Rene is a saint.

  4. presumin0ed says:

    This the best e-mail thread ever 😀 All threads should have Soft Kitty 🙂

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