Scott’s Bucket List – Item #10

Posted: May 31, 2012 in Movies

When I started creating my bucket list, it was no wonder that there were a few items on there that pertained to movies and/or Hollywood.  I love movies.  I love where they take me.  I love what they give me.  I love what I take from them.  And…I love to be entertained. Fortunately for me, so does René, otherwise we probably would have broke up years ago!  LOL

This particular item on my bucket list, is to watch the American Film Institutes top 10 Greatest Movies of all time.  Now, this list does change periodically, so the one I went with is the following:

1.Citizen Kane

2.The Godfather


4.Raging Bull

5.Singin’ in the Rain

6.Gone with the Wind

7.Lawrence of Arabia

8.Schindler’s List


10.The Wizard of Oz

Amazingly, and one of the reasons I went with this particular list, is because I had only ever watched one of these movies in its entirety.  That movie would be The Wizard of Oz.  Now, I have seen parts of Vertigo and Casablanca, but that was before my love of movies emerged and I didn’t really appreciate what I was viewing.

René and I have finally started watching some of these movies.  We are currently in possession of about 7 of them, and will hopefully have the others soon.  The hard part is finding them with special features.  (We both are special feature junkies!)

I will probably post something on here about each of the movies as we watch them, and sort of give you my personal review…because not only do I love sharing my feelings about movies with others…but because….

 “That’s Entertainment!”


  1. I’ve seen 3, 5, 6, 8 and 10. I want to watch the others too!!!

  2. scottandrene says:

    When I am done with them…I will let you borrow them!

    I ran into your Mom the other day in Richmond. Went to her garage sale and spent quite a bit of money! LOL

  3. She texted me and told me. LOL

  4. Queen Europa says:

    I seen all those movies….more than once.Singin In The Rain and The Wizard Of Oz are two of my “happy movies.”That’s movies that make me smile!

  5. Queen Europa says:

    Okay….this is strange…..I seen your post with your poem the other day and didn’t have time to comment.I was gonna do it today and now I cannot find it!This is like Fringe…..things disappearing into an alternate world.Maybe the Scott from the “other side”wrote that poem?LOL! Anywho,I loved the poem,even though it was dark.I like that kind of stuff anyway.Thanks for following my blog.

  6. Hey there Queen! : )

    I moved the poem over to my new blog page “The Shadows Of My Soul” – I will be posting all my poetry on that one. Thanks for stopping by though!

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