A Pain In The Neck

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Stories About Us

So lately….I have been a real pain in the neck. Oh wait…what I meant to say is that I have a real pain in my neck.  Oops!!  Well…both would probably be true at this point (Just ask René).

I was really sick this past Spring…and during that illness…I started to experience muscle pain and numbness in my left arm.  Well…the doctors did some tests, but felt like I just pulled something coughing or sneezing…so they didn’t really treat it.  (BTW…this brings up a very interesting question.  Why do you suppose there was dwarf named sneezy and not a dwarf named coughy?  Just a question to ponder over dinner.)

Well…several months later…the pain level went through the roof, muscles spasms started taking over my neck and arm, numbness (the kind where it feels like someone is sticking 1000 acupuncture needles in your arm at once) caused me to have problems holding things, and I decided to go to the doctor again. 

After some multiple tests, medications (don’t get me started on popping steroids….I gained like 15 pounds…and I cant even hit a home run yet.), and some more tests…the doctors determined that I have a herniated disk C6-C7 in my neck.  The doctor described it as a “really BIG herniation” and decided to send me to a pain doctor (which I have determined is a good title for him).  After two epidural injections (which I really FELT when he gave them to me because I don’t numb and local anesthetics don’t work on me)…neither of which did a darn thing…they have finally decided to send me to a spine surgeon.   

By the way…I had to pick up my MRI results on a CD from the hospital to take over to the pain doctor…and after he was done with them, he gave them back to me.  So I took it home, popped it into my computer…and nothing!  I really wanted to make those images this years Christmas Card too!  Bummer!

So…I have an appointment with the spine surgeon for October 6th…and I really hope they put me under the knife as quickly as possible.  This pain is killing me.  And I think it is also killing René’s patience.  She is wonderful and supportive and does so much to help me…but let’s face it…I am not a good patient.  I like to whine and complain a lot…and since I don’t feel like moving…I am not real helpful around the apartment. (Hence…the being a pain in the neck crack up above)

So…not even 40 years old…and I will have two back surgeries under my belt.  It’s like the old saying “you are only as old as you feel” and right now I am feeling that I am edging close to about 70.  

People keep telling me to keep my chin up and to raise my head high to the heavens for support.  Sounds great….but don’t they realize that this could have caused my problems in the first place??

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts, prayers and support.  And René…you are the most awesomest woman in the world and I thank God every day for you.


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